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As an experienced executive coach, my primary mission is to support high-performing executives, including C-level leaders, their direct reports, and senior management professionals, on their journey of self-discovery and transformational change. The focus of my work is to spark an increase in self-awareness, helping you recognize patterns of behavior that may not align with your or your organization's goals. We’ll delve into your unique strengths, values, and objectives, crafting a personalized journey that not only aids your professional growth but also strengthens your personal resilience and adaptability.

With my coaching, high-performing leaders can expect:

  • Personalized development plans tailored to their unique goals and challenges.

  • Enhanced self-awareness of their leadership style, strengths, and areas for growth.

  • Improved decision-making skills for driving strategic growth and innovation.

  • Strategies for managing stress and achieving better work-life integration.

  • Techniques for effectively communicating and influencing within the organization.

  • Insights into building and nurturing high-performing teams.

  • Tools for fostering a positive organizational culture and driving employee engagement.

  • Guidance on navigating complex challenges, such as organizational change and crisis management.

  • Support in developing and refining executive presence and personal branding.

  • Ongoing feedback and accountability to ensure progress and sustainable growth.

Through this comprehensive coaching experience, leaders will be equipped to excel in their roles and make a lasting impact on their organizations.

The program, which lasts for a total of eight months, covers the following:

  • A 1-hour contracting session;

  • An NBI (Thinking Preferences) assessment;

  • Hogan Leadership Forecast Package;

  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment;

  • A Deep Dive Meeting lasting 2 hours, between the Client and the Coach;

  • A 2-hour Assessment Debrief Session;

  • Up to nine 1-hour biweekly (or as needed) coaching sessions;

  • Up to three 1-hour stakeholders meetings (with your line manager/s, HR, or both);

  • A complementary Review session, lasting 1 hour, two to three months after the last coaching session. This is to debrief the Client’s experience and performance, evaluate evaluate the outcome of coaching and personal commitment, and define strategies for ongoing development.

Flexible Blueprint for Transformational Leadership Journey

Embarking on this exclusive eight-month coaching journey with me is not just an investment in your professional development—it's a transformative experience that goes beyond the conventional. What sets this program apart is the inclusion of the Hogan Leadership Forecast Package, a tool trusted by organizations for crucial executive decisions such as selection, promotions, and succession planning. Understanding your Hogan report empowers you to seize control of your career like never before. The package serves as a mirror to your leadership style, diving deep into your potential, identifying challenges that could impede your upward trajectory, and illuminating the core values that drive your leadership aspirations. It synthesizes this information into a five-step development plan tailored just for you, and even provides a Flash summary of your scores across multiple metrics.

Having this unparalleled Hogan insight integrated into your coaching experience enriches the program, offering you a level of self-understanding and development recommendations that are simply unmatched. As your trusted partner and sounding board, I'll be with you every step of the way, leveraging these insights to help you reach your maximum leadership potential. Join me in this elite program designed for leaders who settle for nothing less than transformative growth and lasting impact.

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