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executive development

What does B2B Executive Development entail?

My B2B Executive Development services are designed for organizations seeking to enhance the capabilities of their leadership teams. Through customized coaching engagements, I collaborate with companies to develop programs that align with corporate strategies and leadership competencies.

In our work together, you can expect:

  • A fully customized coaching engagement crafted to meet your organizational objectives and leadership development needs.

  • Focused strategies to cultivate executive talent, supporting both individual leadership growth and collective organizational outcomes.

  • Guidance on navigating complex organizational dynamics and fostering a high-performance culture.

  • Continuous support in developing leaders’ capabilities to manage change, drive innovation, and lead with agility.

For large-scale projects, I handpick a cadre of skilled coaches, each selected for their expertise and alignment with your organization's culture and needs, ensuring a cohesive and impactful coaching experience across your leadership team.

You can see Maria Wade's coaching method on the picture below:


For organizations, the journey towards transformative leadership coaching begins with a complimentary 30-minute chemistry call between a Leader and myself, followed by a crucial 45-minute Initial Stakeholder Meeting. This meeting serves as an essential step to delineate the proposed coaching program's scope, objectives, and anticipated outcomes. It lays the groundwork for a fruitful dialogue between the Coach and Stakeholders, allowing for the exchange of vital insights. These discussions are instrumental in formulating a coaching proposal that is precisely tailored to meet the Leader's developmental needs and align with the overarching goals of the organization.

Recognizing the unique nature of each organizational context, we eschew a one-size-fits-all approach in favor of bespoke coaching proposals. These are meticulously crafted, reflecting the depth of our initial discussions and the anticipated scope and scale of our collaborative endeavor.

For organizational clients, the investment is calibrated to mirror the depth and breadth of the coaching engagement. Programs commence at $20,000 for a comprehensive 9-month engagement designed for one coachee.

I warmly invite you to initiate this transformative journey for your organization's leadership. Reach out to start the process and discover how we can achieve exceptional outcomes together.

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