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Executive coach, PCC, MBA, PMP
Columbia University, Coaching Certification Program
Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

My name is Maria Wade although some of you may know me as Maria Dvurechenskaya. If you want to know the story behind my name, I invite you to read this article.


I am on a mission to change the world for the better by coaching leaders who are responsible for creating and impacting organizational cultures and wish to deepen their skills and develop leadership capacity to ensure that individuals thrive – and not just survive – in the workplace. Together, we are creating more spaces where people feel they belong, desire to contribute and are valued for who they are.


I believe in people’s limitless potential, wholeness, resourcefulness, and natural creativity. An important part of my work is helping my clients detect paradigms and behaviors that don’t support their goals and best interests and keep them from a fulfilling and balanced life. We work to build a trusting relationship where I am here to provide unwavering dedication to excellence in serving clients and their needs; in doing so, we can disrupt these paradigms by awakening the potential and artistic nature that lies within each of us.

As an agent of change, I am passionate about leading individuals and organizations through transitions, rooting coaching in the vision of the future state. I have personally managed my own transition from my native country to the United States where I am humbled to make valuable contributions. This background gives me insights into expat life and the importance of welcoming change and adapting to it.

My career has included legal services and project management in mergers and acquisition, asset management, paper production, electricity and heat production, gas and oil, consulting, and other industries. Now, I run my coaching and consulting practice providing services across the world both in English and in Russian.

My work has been built upon the foundation of my Master’s Degree in Law, a Master’s in Business Administration, PMP® and Prosci certifications, and my completion of Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program.


I am well-positioned to support clients from all sectors and work environments to unlock their greatest potential, ensure they are highly promotable and sought after and have all of the tools necessary to achieve their dreams.

As a member of The International Coaching Federation, I strictly adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct in my executive coaching.
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