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Welcome to My Blog "True Leadership: Presence, Power, Perspective"

Updated: Jun 30

Hello! I'm Maria Wade - a world-changer at heart, an agent of transformation, and your trusted partner in leadership development. I've navigated life's tumultuous seas, emerging stronger, more confident, and more focused. Today, I share my passion for executive coaching and my journey with you, here, on our blog 'True Leadership: Presence, Power, Perspective'.

Raised with a keen sense of fairness, I moved through various roles in the legal and business world before finding my calling in leadership coaching. Now, as an executive coach, I offer you a wealth of experience, business acumen, and a profound understanding of how to navigate and lead through change.

This blog reflects my ongoing journey. Writing, for me, is not only a means to connect and share experiences, but also a way to organize and reflect on my thoughts. Through this blog, I aim to share insights and lessons learned from my professional journey, focusing on areas such as senior executive development, leadership effectiveness, executive presence, dealing with complexity and uncertainty, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence.

Our target audience is broad, encompassing myself, my clients, aspiring leaders, and anyone else interested in personal and professional development. If you're someone looking to thrive rather than merely survive in today's unpredictable world, this space is for you.

You can expect a new post from me at least once a month. I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter to ensure you don't miss any updates. Each post will invite exploration, provoke thought, and hopefully, stimulate engaging discussions.

Moreover, I encourage interaction. Your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions are always welcome here. Whether it's comments on blog posts or topic suggestions for future articles, your participation enriches our shared journey.

Welcome to 'True Leadership: Presence, Power, Perspective'. This is our space to disrupt old paradigms, embrace challenges, and learn together. Let's laugh, learn, and transform together - changing the world, one leader at a time. Looking forward to our shared journey of growth and discovery.

Sincerely yours,


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