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Coaching Process

My coaching process is based on Columbia University's 3CP Model (Context, Content, Conduct). I follow the three-phase process to ensure that all essential and relevant aspects are addressed, and the needs of the client and her or his organization are met.

Phase I - Context - What's Up?

We start with establishing a trustworthy collaborative partnership with a client. In this contextual awareness phase, we clarify the current situation, the client's worldview, aspirations, values, and expected outcomes to create unique parameters of the coaching engagement.

Phase II - Content - What Matters?

Reviewing feedback, performance reports, and assessment results, we broaden the client's perspective and encourage the client to define a range of choices related to the desired future. The coach supports and challenges the client to develop a vision, set SMART goals, and begin devising a plan that will make the vision is real.

Phase III - Conduct - What's Next?

In this phase, the coach supports the client's move into action providing the client with a safe environment to experiment with new ways of thinking, try out new behaviors and approaches, as well as practice new skills. The coach's role here is checking in on progress, collaborating with the client to define opportunities for ongoing growth and renewal. This phase is the right time to help the client put all the pieces together by supporting in his or her transition from experimentation to full implementation.

Tools and Assessments

I organically combine the coaching process with diverse tools and assessments. We select appropriate tools and assessments that help raise self-awareness and broaden the client's perspective, develop and increase understanding of preferences, styles, performance, behavior and understanding how others see the client.

Whichever tool or assessment we choose, Leadership Circle Profile (360 Degree Feedback Assessment), Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI™) Assessments, Wheel of Life, Management/Leadership Wheel, Job Performance Wheel, or any other, I pursue the client's best interests offering accurately tailored and debriefed assessments. 

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