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Group and team coaching are both ways to delve deep into individual leadership development with the benefit of sharing in the experience with others.

Group coaching is an opportunity for us to gather together, learn from one another, find commonalities in experiences and help hold each other accountable to outcomes. You bring your individual goals and inquiries to our collective group setting, leading to transformative insights and support.

Team coaching is shared coaching experience that brings an existing cohort or team of individuals on a journey together towards a shared goal or outcome. My corporate executive team coaching service generally includes:

  • Aligning and contracting meetings with the management team to review goals, expectations, progress, and results

  • Reviewing existing assessments, feedback, and performance reviews

  • Conducting 360 degree interviews involving the client's supervisor, peers and direct reports at the beginning and end of the coaching engagement to measure performance improvement

  • Administering the Thinking Preferences Assessment - Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI)

  • Facilitating one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Leading HR Meetings to review coaching goals and discuss progress and results

  • Completing a comprehensive report that reflects observations, tools, and the outcome of coaching

For large-scale projects, I partner with independent coaches and consultants, who are selected for each engagement based on their industry and functional specialties.

Contact me today to discover how I can support your organization, team and employees.

I will: 

  • develop a unique approach, assessment and plans to suit each team's needs

  • coach sponsors, managers, and employees

  • provide simple, tactical tools for different aspects of leadership development

Price structure for group and team coaching*

  • group coaching: starts with $900 per person for a 3-month program and includes three 90-min group sessions and one 90-minute one-on-one coaching for each participant (based on 6 participants)

  • team coaching: starts with $17,000 for a 3-month program (based on 5 participants)

*Contact me to discuss a program and price structure that serves you best.

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