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Guiding Principles

My coaching approach is based on the fundamental guiding principles

(the CCCP Guiding Principles), such as:

  • the coach strictly adheres to standards of ethical conduct

  • the coach focuses on the client's agenda, asking herself the question, "What's in it for the client?"

  • the coach involves the client at every step of the coaching process, not from giving advice, but inviting the client to define their situation, determine their needs, explore options, and develop solutions for success

  • the coach is ready to explore issues beyond of the client's and own zone of comfort for the sake of the client

  • the coach honors privacy and asks for permission to coach the client in sensitive, new idea areas - what we call stretch in coaching - and to go outside the client's comfort zone

  • the coach helps the client move from the general to the specific, connect potential options to core organizational and personal values linking every step to their goals, wants, or needs

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