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Coaching: The Secret Ingredient for Great Leadership


My name is Maria Wade. 

I specialize in coaching high-performing executives, including C-level leaders, their direct reports, and senior management professionals. I am dedicated to my clients' higher purpose and committed to honoring their natural creativity, resourcefulness, and inner light.


With over 15 years of executive leadership experience across various industries, I blend a diverse range of coaching techniques grounded in adult learning theory, positive psychology, whole-brain thinking, and the 3CP Columbia University model.

My clients are achievers who have already accomplished the impossible. They are driven to deliver exceptional results, impact the world, improve themselves, and cultivate environments where people flourish, eagerly contribute, and feel valued.


Together, we learn to lead with integrity and grace.


If you seek to make a difference, unleash your greatest potential, and invest in your personal and professional growth, you've come to the right place.

Welcome to the beginning of your transformation journey.


Solutions i offer

B2C Executive Coaching

Are you a high-caliber executive striving for excellence in an ever-evolving business landscape? Seeking to refine your leadership skills or manage the complexities of executive life on your terms? My one-on-one coaching is tailored to ambitious leaders like you. In our focused sessions, we’ll dive deep into your unique leadership challenges and opportunities for growth. In a confidential setting, we’ll work together to enhance your strategic acumen and personal effectiveness, empowering you to achieve your professional and personal aspirations.

B2B Executive Development

Elevate your organization’s leadership capabilities with targeted executive coaching. When your company partners with me, we’ll forge a custom coaching program aligned with your strategic goals. From enhancing executive performance to fostering leadership development throughout your ranks, this collaboration is about creating sustainable success. I work alongside your executives and high potentials, instilling the tools they need for critical thinking, innovation, and impactful leadership that drives organizational growth and resilience.


Insightful assessments are integral to a robust coaching strategy, revealing the bedrock of a leader’s approach. We will handpick assessments that resonate with your individual or organizational style. These tools are essential for deepening self-awareness, understanding interpersonal dynamics, and sculpting your leadership persona. With a focus on the psychological and behavioral aspects that shape decision-making and relationships, you’ll uncover new pathways to personal evolution and leadership excellence.

How i work




I specialize in coaching high-performing executives, including C-level leaders and their direct reports, as well as senior management professionals. I coach to empower these top-tier professionals, help them hone their skills, develop effective leadership strategies, and achieve their personal and organizational goals.




I help leaders address critical problems and challenges, such as refining executive presence, overcoming communication barriers, navigating complex organizational dynamics, and building influence. By resolving these issues, executives and senior management professionals can unlock their potential, drive positive change, and lead their organizations to success.




At the core of my coaching approach, I encourage clients to examine their perspectives, drawing upon my deep understanding of their individual needs and goals. Through thoughtful questioning and tailored suggestions, I help clients uncover hidden insights and identify their unique path forward, fostering personal growth and unlocking their full potential.




By working together, clients can expect to gain tailored personal development plans, enhanced self-awareness, and effective decision-making skills. Our collaboration will empower them to manage stress, communicate efficiently, and lead high-performing teams. Ultimately, clients will experience sustainable growth in both their personal and professional lives, navigating complex challenges with ease and confidence.


Christopher Pels
Vice President of Human Resources and Risk Management

"I've had the opportunity to work closely with Maria both as my executive coach as well as through a partnership with Family Services to provide management training to our employees on surviving and thriving through change.

As a speaker Maria is relatable, thought provoking, and an expert in her field. We would definitely have her back to speak with our managers again!

Maria is also a gifted executive coach and not afraid to dive deep to get at the heart of the issue..."


Amanda Page

Vice President of Human Resources


"I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Maria as my executive coach. From the beginning of our coaching program, I sought to enhance my leadership capabilities, increase my confidence at the executive level, and maintain focus on key objectives. Maria has been instrumental in helping me achieve these goals and elevate my leadership to new heights.

Maria is a phenomenal coach who genuinely listens and understands her clients. She has provided me with invaluable guidance, helping me grow as a strong, empathetic, and collaborative leader. Through our sessions, I have learned to focus on results, communicate concisely, and be more decisive and in control, even in the midst of chaos and pressure..."


Paula Pastor Flores

Operations Director, JA Americas

"I truly have to admit that I started our coaching sessions because someone had suggested that it would help me improve my leaderships skills, something that I knew I need if I want to advance into new leadership roles within my organization. I remember, I was kind of  skeptical and nervous at the same time, because I thought it is hard to support and advice someone you don’t know and that having this opportunity not in my native language was going to be tough.​..

But then I met Maria… and..."

What people say about me?

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