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My name is Maria Wade, although some of you may know me as Maria Dvurechenskaya. If you want to know the story behind my name, I invite you to read this article.

As a coach, I am committed to my clients' higher purpose and work to honor their natural creativity, resourcefulness, and inner light. I combine a wide range of coaching techniques with over 15 years of experience as an executive leader across multiple industries. My approach is based on adult learning theory, positive psychology, whole-brain thinking, and the 3CP Columbia University model.

My clients are people who have already achieved the impossible. They strive to produce great results, impact the world, better themselves, and create cultures where people thrive, desire to contribute, and are valued. We're learning together how to lead with integrity and grace.

If you are looking to make a difference, unlock your greatest potential and invest in your own personal and professional development, you are in the right place.

Welcome to the start of your transformation journey.


HoW i CAN help you



Are you...In a job transition? Looking to take your career to the next level? Seeking new perspectives? Searching for better work-life integration? One-on-one coaching is for those who wish to ‘safely get their foot off the brakes’ and grow into a bigger, better version of themselves. Together, with an open-mind and without judgment, we will work to identify your strengths, values and goals as well as the best next step towards purpose and impact on your own unique leadership journey.

Group and Team Coaching

Do you believe in both individual and collective growth? Are you searching for an opportunity to work through challenges on a personal and organizational level? In group and team coaching, I work with leaders who seek to keep each other accountable in a positive way to collectively develop and amplify behaviors that increase the ease and joy of a renewed level of collaboration. These experiences generate resounding engagement, joint ownership as well as enduring team relationships built on mutual trust and respect.executive coaching positively impacts leaders' effectiveness and business performance. 


Assessments can often be a valuable tool for the coaching process. Together, we will select assessments and tools that suit you and your style. The right assessment may help you raise self-awareness and broaden your perspective, let you understand how you show up and how others see you, identify your thinking preferences, and more. By shining a light on the underlying thinking patterns and preferences that drive your current behavior, you have access to new choices and possibilities.

How i work




Teams and individuals who have already achieved the impossible and are striving to produce greater results, impact the world, better themselves and create cultures where people thrive, desire to contribute, and are valued.




I am committed to my clients’ higher purpose and work with individuals and teams to identify the next step on their leadership journey in a supportive environment, free of any judgment.




We will focus together on your context, agenda and interests to set ambitious goals and enable you to unlock your greatest potential.

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Christine E. Thomas

Global Health & Monitoring and Evaluation Professional

"Before working with Maria, I was unclear as to my leadership goals, career plans, and promotion trajectory. I was having difficulty understanding why my work was not translating into credit from coworkers, and I was doubting my ability to meet expectations.

Since working together, I have seen a clear difference in my confidence and ability to understand my work environment. Hearing feedback on ways to course correct my communication style, suggestions on readings to learn about poor habits I was continuing without realizing, and providing ideas as a young professional was exactly what I needed..."


Yakov M.

Global Talent Development and Inclusion Manager at Citi

"Maria is a gifted coach who brings passion, empathy, and outcome to her clients. She helps broaden the client's perspective and leads the client towards accomplished goals. Maria's diverse experience and background uniquely positions her to partner with individuals on a variety of business topics as well as raise the client's cultural awareness when it comes to transition from one culture to another - be that a corporate culture of geographic one."


Paula Pastor Flores

Operations Director, JA Americas

"I truly have to admit that I started our coaching sessions because someone had suggested that it would help me improve my leaderships skills, something that I knew I need if I want to advance into new leadership roles within my organization. I remember, I was kind of  skeptical and nervous at the same time, because I thought it is hard to support and advice someone you don’t know and that having this opportunity not in my native language was going to be tough.​..

But then I met Maria… and my world rocked and my thoughts crashed and everything that I thought I knew was destroyed to be rebuild…"

What people say about me?

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